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Impact Sockets & Accessories




Load Balancers

* Reduces operator fatigue and improves working efficiency.

* Enables an increase in working area, Utilizing space.

* Provides Tool Stability and Damage.

* Can be used Vertically up and down.

* Increases productivity Dramatically.

* Does not require any Electric or Pneumatic Power.

TRISTAR Tool Balancers have been designed specially to reduce Operator Fatigue when working with Heavy Tools. The Tool Balancer carries the load making it easy for the Operator to Concentrate on his work more effectively


TOOL KITS are known for their Best Quality & Durability. The tool kits are fabricated after stringent quality control and each tool kits matches the best of its kind from anywhere in the world. Due to the tool kits the technicians have no problems while concentrating on any job, major or minor. Each tool is designed and manufactured keeping safety factor in mind. The tool kits not only enables the operator to perform skillfully any types of repair and maintenance jobs but it also helps to complete the job in the shortest possible time.

The technicians feel proud of being in possession of TRISTAR TOOL KITS and it helps the Technicians to know their true potential and further display their impeccable skills.

We are catering to the OEM requirements of companies like Hindustan Motors Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Earth moving equipments manufacturers for tool kits that go with their equipments.

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Tritorc Impact Sockets & Accessories
Impact Sockets & Accessories
Impact Sockets 1/4” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 3/8” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 1/2” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 3/4” Square Drive
Impact Sockets 1” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 1.1/2” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 2.1/2” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 3.1/2” Square Drive
Automotive Sockets
Automotive Sockets 1/4” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 3/8” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 1/2” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 3/4” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 1” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 1.1/2” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 5” Splined Socket | Bud Wheels Impact Sockets | Bearing Nut Sockets | Lug Nuts Sockets
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Tritorc Tube Expanders for Boilers & Heat Exchangers
Tube Expanders for Boilers
Custom built Tube Expanders | ‘T-114’ Series [Flare] Boiler Tube Expanders | ‘TA’ - Series [Parallel] Boiler Tube Expanders | ‘TAF3’ - Series [Flare] Boiler Tube Expanders | ‘T - 1000’ - Series [Flare] Boiler Tube Expander | ‘T - 2000’ Series [Flare] Boiler Tube Expander | ‘T - 3000’ Series [Parallel] Boiler Tube Expander | ‘T-8012’ Series Heat Exchanger and Boiler Tube Expander | ‘TSB & TCSB’ Series - Sugar Industry Application | ‘TCB’ Combination Beading Tube Expander | Contipull Continuous Tube Pulling Systems | Hydrive - Hydraulic tube expansion system | Torque Controllers | SOLID State Torque Controller (TRSCP Series) | TR - 68 Internal Tube Cutter | Tube Removal & Installation Accessories
Torque Controllers | Tube Expander for Heat Exchanger and Condenser ‘TN’ Series | Tube Expander for Heat Exchanger and Condenser T - 900 / 1300 Series | Tube Expander for Heat Exchanger and Condenser T - 800 / 1200 Series - 3 Rollers | Tube Expander for Heat Exchanger and CondenserT - 800 / 1200 Series - 5 Rollers | ‘T-8012’ Series Heat Exchanger and Boiler Tube Expander
TR - 68 Internal Tube Cutter | Contipull Continuous Tube Pulling Systems | Grooving Tool | Tube Installation & Removal Accessories
Tube Tools
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